All Sport Shoe Insoles

All Sport Shoe Insoles

All Sport insoles will help you defy gravity. They will not only help you run faster, jump higher and move laterally quicker, they will do so while making your foot more secure, your ankles/knees more stable and your foot, back and joints more protected. This insole improves provides heel lock which reduces blisters and reduces the chance of developing a painful Planter Fasciitis injury.

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Impact Pad:  High density Viscoelastic substrate absorbs impact over 30% better than normal insoles.  Reduces heel, joint and lower back pain and fatigue caused by prolonged heel strikes.

Momentum Pad: Rebound-Polymer gel actually pushes your foot upward causing more forward momentum and improved performance.

Flex-Rigid molded orthotic foot bed provides extra arch support and comfort. 

Remove existing insoles from shoes.
Insert insoles into shoes & measure for size.
Trim for exact fit.  (Hint: Use original insoles to trace before cutting.)
Trim toe to size first, then sides and heel for optimum comfort.


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