PRO-LINE Support For Her

Designed for women to improve balance, comfort and support.


FITS ALL: Trim to Fit Women 7-9

Specifically designed for women to mitigate the pressure on knees, hips & back. Strategic support in targeted areas to improve alignment. Protects and cushions from heel to toe.

FOREFOOT PAD: ElastaGel enhances rebound bounce and forward momentum. It puts spring in your stride and reduces fatigue.

FOOT CRADLE: Flex-Rigid molded orthotic foot bed improves balance and reduces joint and back pain. 

Provides heel lock which reduces blisters. 
Improves lateral stability which reduces ankle twists.
Reduces the chance of developing a painful Plantar Fasciitis injury. 

HEEL PAD: High Density Viscoelastic substrate absorbs impact during activity 30% better than normal insoles. Reduces heel, joint and lower back pain and fatigue from repetitive impacts. 

Remove existing insoles from shoes.
Insert insoles into shoes & measure for size.
Trim for exact fit.  (Hint: Use original insoles to trace before cutting.)
Trim toe to size first, then sides and heel for optimum comfort.

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