Gel Comfort Insole

All day comfort and pain relief for most shoes.

Gel Comfort Insoles provide all day comfort and pain relief.   They are designed for superior foot, joint and back pain relief, particularly when worn for long periods of time.

Smart Shoe's ElastoGel provides the best possible compression and rebound.  The unique honeycomb design expands in all directions upon impact to dissipate shock to your feet and joints.  


FOOT CRADLE: Flex-Rigid molded orthotic foot bed allows your foot to float naturally while providing extra arch support and comfort for long runs.

Provides heel lock which reduces blisters
Improves lateral stability which  reduces ankle twists
Reduces the chance of developing a painful Plantar Fasciitis injury

Remove existing insoles from shoes.
Insert insoles into shoes & measure for size.
Trim for exact fit.  (Hint: Use original insoles to trace before cutting.)
Trim toe to size first, then sides and heel for optimum comfort.

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