Free-Flex Flex Shoe Insoles

Free-Flex Flex Shoe Insoles

Free-Flex is the first insole ever designed to work in the new category of flexible sport shoes.   They will improve both the comfort and performance of your flexible shoes. 

This insole is ultra light weight and its unique design flexes in every direction that the new super flexing shoes flex.

They provides arch support as well as heel and lateral support that flex style shoes lack.

New Viscoelastic Urethane foam throughout the insole provides maximum shock attenuation to reduce impact stress and joint pain.  This unique material decelerates on impact 25%-40% faster than normal insoles, thus reducing the shock that the heel incurs upon impact.

Try them today! 

  • Designed for todays super flexible shoes (Nike Free, Rebook Flex etc)
  • Flexes in in all directions to mirror the shoes movement.
  •  Light  weight  material
  • Extra arch and lateral support
  • Floating arch fits most arch heights to provide correct orthotic support
  • The raised posterior ridge provides extra lateral support
  •  Rigid heel cup design provides support  and heel lock
  • Duron material provided dramatically faster shock attenuation than the original insoles
  • Improved shock absorption
  • Better rebound more spring
  • Wicking polyester top fabric pulls moisture away from feet

Remove existing insoles from shoes.
Insert insoles into shoes & measure for size.
Trim for exact fit.  (Hint: Use original insoles to trace before cutting.)
Trim toe to size first, then sides and heel for optimum comfort.

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