Customer Reviews


the memory foam comfort insoles were the best one's i've found to fit my feet--even better than dr. scholls. I used to be able to get them at target, but they've since stopped selling them. Are there any other stores in southern california that sell them? Thanks, Sharon Johnson, California

"I'm so glad I've found Smart Shoe Insoles, now all my shoes are a pleasure to wear." 
Michael, West Palm Beach, Florida
"I love to hike, my Smart Shoe Walking Insoles improve my endurance and balance on long hard hikes." Robert, Denver, Colorado

"I'm in the restaurant business and have been having problems with my feet for over 15 years 
and it was slowly getting worse. Once I started using pain relief insoles, it made a huge difference right away. It almost seemed like my shifts just flew by! " Leslie, L.A.

"My feet swell and some of my shoes were a little tight. I was afraid I'd have to go out and spend money on new shoes. As I was surfing the web I came across these shoe stretchers and thought I'd give them a try. I was so pleased when I saw that they worked seamlessly and was able to wear my shoes within 24 hours! Thank you." Esther, Atlanta, Georgia

"I've spent hundreds of dollars on running shoes, they look great, but the only problem is these expensive runners always have flimsy insoles. they provide no support or cushioning. I find that Smart Shoe sport insoles make my runners feel like a million bucks! I run for longer amounts of time with less fatigue."Robert Seattle, Washington


Rugged Readers

"These readers are amazing. I had bought a pair of reading glasses at the drug store at roughly the same price, and they were 3 times heavier, poorer optical quality, and twice as fragile. I can just put my Rugged Readers In my back pocket and off I go. No case needed.
James, Toronto, Ontario

"I just love these readers, they're so compact and durable. Just ordered another 3 pair for my friends and family."