About Us

Summit Brands is a company that prides itself on producing innovative products that fulfill the needs of today’s consumers. For decades, we have been developing consumer products, many of which are household names from other companies.  In 2012 we decided it was time to move into our own brand and offer products that truly make a difference.

Our line of shoe insoles is a broad selection of products that work to solve problems people have with shoe fit, foot comfort and performance.  Smart Shoe insoles are excellent values because we are a direct manufacture.   We believe that consumers should always find value when shopping our site.

The newest addition to the Summit Brands portfolio is our Rugged Readers, a truly unique problem solving product!    One only needs to imagine all of the places and situations that these “go anywhere” readers fit into.  This patented product is a perfect example of the creative thinking and product development that resonates in the Summit Brands mantra.